About dil

Dil (dilandou / dil Andou / Jeremy Fright) is a somewhat under-achieving truck driver living life from one day to the next, never quite sure what will come around the corner, but ready to accept it when it does. By day he works as a garbage man, driving a 26 ton truck around, terrorizing road users, pedestrians, and threatening to run his loaders over. By night he’s a cave dwelling computer geek with far too much time on his hands and little to do with it.

Dil is a gamer. He’s a tweaker. He dabbles with everything and masters nothing. Likes the idea of coding but can never quite get the motivation to get past the first tutorial he finds. He has interest in electrical engineering (and has a couple of unfinished projects just waiting to be finished). He enjoys anime and manga (and has vast collections of both). Movies, select TV shows, and music, are also up there in his list of things to do.

Overall, dil is kinda boring really, but this is his place to talk about that. Maybe you’ll find it interesting, maybe not. Here it is anyway. 😛

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