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Windows 10 Upgrade And Shenanigans

So I upgraded my Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 today. Some may say it was ill-advised, others say that it’s what you should do. What do I think? Well…

The upgrade itself took all of 40 minutes, that’s it. I started the program, it downloaded Windows, it installed Windows, and┬ádumped me onto a shiny new desktop with all of my applications and files still intact. Sadly, the desktop was low resolution, in the middle of my monitor with borders, and I had no internet connection.


“Restart the computer!”, I thought. So I did. What did it get me, you ask? A sign-in screen that didn’t respond to my keyboard or mouse. Expletives occurred, and thoughts rambled through my head. It was troubleshooting time.

First I went with the obvious thing of unplugging all extra devices. All I left myself with was the keyboard and mouse. After a restart or two, I still had no response. Next was checking BIOS stuff to see if any changes to the USB settings would help. Nope. Then the Stupid Idea I Should Have Had First hit me. I moved the keyboard and mouse to different USB ports. Bingo! Working keyboard and mouse. Now on to the graphics driver.

As it turns out, the graphics drivers had reverted to the Windows basic drivers. As I still had no internet connection it was a trip to the wife’s laptop to download the latest Windows 10 drivers from NVIDIA. Those were transferred over via USB stick, installed, and I had a full working display again. Now on to that pesky internet issue.

My network was showing as Limited access. I had access to my local network, my NAS was showing and working just fine, but internet access was a no. I figured I’d see if updating the motherboard chipset drivers to the Windows 8 set would work (as Asus kinda stopped supporting my motherboard and have no intention of making Windows 10 drivers). Wife’s laptop again, download, transfer, install. Nope. Great. Much head scratching and a few web searches later and I stumbled upon a potential problem. Panda free anti-virus. I like Panda. It’s lightweight, free, and it consistently rates high on detections. The problem is that it installs a network driver called “Network Activity Hook Server LightWeight Filter Driver” which, as far as I can tell, is part of it’s firewall component. I don’t have the firewall component of Panda installed as it’s payware. The driver still wants to block things though, it would seem. A quick trip to the network adapter properties, and unchecking the box next to the filter driver, and the internet connection sprung to life. Getting better. Now to clean up.

I plugged in my extra devices and set to work making sure they were all working. It took a few fiddles to get my PS3 controller working with SCP driver, and a couple of devices needed reconfiguring, but it was mostly smooth sailing here. One last thing I did was run one of my favourite little programs, Snappy Driver Installer. This checks your drivers against current available versions online and lets you update them all in a single click. As it turned out, there were new updates for my motherboard chipsets, which it promptly installed for me. A quick restart later, and everything is up and running.

A few tweaks here and there, including setting up a Kiddie user for when little people are around and I don’t want them touching my stuff, and it’s complete.

That didn’t take much. Now all I have to do is see how good it goes. Already, I have to admit, I’m actually pretty pleased. Things are in relatively intuitive places, and the guff from Windows 8.1 is gone, or toned down to reasonable levels. I’ll see about writing a better viewpoint of it after using it for a while.