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Pebble Smartwatch – Initial Essentials

Pebble helloSo my Pebble watch arrived the other day. I love it. The screen is lovely and highly readable even in low light (and if it’s too low, a flick of the wrist turns on the backlight for a couple of seconds). But initially there was a little disappointment with the limitations of the watch. Only basic notifications, simple alarm, no stopwatch/timer functions – some of the things my old watch can do without being smart.

After much hunting around and experimenting, I’ve narrowed down some absolute essential watchapps and companion applications to make the Pebble all I want it to be. (These are all from the 1.0 SDK. The SDK 2.0 will bring some rather interesting new features to the Pebble, but I’d sooner wait for it to be an official release, rather than the developer preview that it is right now.)

Pebble Dialer: Allows for phone control from your Pebble. Picking up incoming calls, enabling loudspeaker, muting the mic, hanging up, dialing someone from your contacts, etc. The Pebble has caller ID and call rejection built in, but Pebble Dialer takes the idea and runs with it.

Multi Timer: Multiple timer app for countdowns and stopwatches. I like countdown timers. I like multiple countdown timers. They help with cooking. (Yes, that’s actually why I like them). This is the best (and free!) watchapp for that.

Canvas: Like the fact that there are 65,000+ watch faces already available for the Pebble? Want to make your own straight from your phone? Canvas is your app. I have a simple word time watch face with my phone’s battery percentage and the date in smaller text at the bottom, but you could have anything like weather info, current unread mails/sms, next appointments, etc.

Pebble Locker: Quite simply, if you’re in range of your phone while wearing your watch the lock screen is disabled. If you go out of range the phone’s lock screen is enabled. It’s a bluetooth tether that keeps your phone semi-secure.

I also use a calendar watchapp that simply has a monthly scrollable calendar with appointments highlighted on it.

And that’s it. 😀